Oct 22, 2010

Carefree, a hamlet neighbors with Cave Creek which lies on the north of Scottsdale.
It is generally known as the place for people who have retired and wanted to have peaceful life during retired. Many people also staying in Carefree temporarily during winter just to avoid the cold climate. There are also people who have jobs either in Scottsdale or Phoenix but staying is Carefree.

There are several public facilities in Carefree such as stores, restaurants. Carefree are also have become a host for some activities such as antique car show, horticulture event, art show and for the past years Carefree have become a destination for tourist and people who wants to find a residential.

Across to the south of Tom Darlington Road there is “El Pedegral”, it is a shopping area. In this shopping area there are boutiques, jewelry stores, art galleries. There is also a stage where the style is just like an amphi-theater. This is the place where musical concerts have been held for several years.

There is also another great place where you can enjoy for relaxation such as The Boulders Resort. As for the ladies, there is a place where you can’t resist on visiting this place. It’s The Golden Door Spa, the place where you can have a relaxation and healthy treatment.
With all the facilities in Carefree, it will certainly be the place where people would love to stay.

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